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Gigging covers many important lessons for emerging musicians on how to book a gig, how to do a sound check, how to get paid, and much more. The book does not promise to get you signed or to make you famous. It is a concise source about an often overlooked part of the music business. It also includes anecdotal stories showing what can go wrong.

What they’re saying about the book:

“David Barber’s new book, “Gigging: The Book” is an informative, well written and helpful guide to new musicians and experienced ones alike.   He gives lots of great ways for artists to improve their visibility, get fans to shows and great tips on how to create authentic, lasting relationships with talent buyers and venue owners.    Plus, it’s got a great sense of humor to it as well!” – Nina Storey, Professional touring artist

“This book should undoubtedly be put in the hands of every musician aspiring to not only play great gigs, but to be viewed professionally in the whirlwind of an industry.” – Tim Wenger, Colorado Music Buzz

“Barber…does a good job at letting total newbies know what to expect when setting up or playing their first gig…” – Brian F. Johnson, Marquee Magazine

“The book is written with a direct voice, as if Barber is speaking directly to you and your musical issues, and his years if experience come across clearly in the minutia.” – Westword

Dave Barber is a true-blue veteran of the Denver music scene. He has absorbed the realities of the music business from the ground up, being out there in the clubs night after night, observing bands, club owners, soundmen, waitresses and groupies act the hero and the fool-sometimes on the same night. His book, Gigging, is a nuts and bolts ABC of what to do, and even more importantly, what NOT to do as a beginning musician trying to break onto the local scene. His wisdom applies to any local scene, because it is simple and universal. This ain’t rocket-science, but if you don’t know how to call a booking agent, talk to the soundman or collect your dough at the end of the night it might as well be. I would suggest any inexperienced musician check out Dave’s book. If every young musician did, there would be a lot more successful bands and a lot fewer bored audiences. – Paul Epstein, Owner, Twist and Shout

I like the book! But…I really like playing w/o shoes and was taught the TOTAL opposite regarding green room usage 🙂 Only 2 points I disagree with. Otherwise, hell yeah! Anybody wanting to gig should have it – Chris Childress, Musician

About the author:

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David Barber has immersed himself in the business of local music for over 25 years. After dropping out of the corporate rat race, he devoted himself to helping bands.  He volunteered to work on the Entertainment Committee of the CHUN Capitol Hill People’s Fair (the largest free local music festival in Denver) and eventually chaired that committee. He has served on the Nominating Committee for the Westword Music Awards Showcase every year since 1998. Westword is Denver’s dominant News & Arts weekly magazine.  He is a founding member, past President, and current Board member of the Colorado Music Business Organization. He developed and maintained a wide variety of music-oriented websites including, where his highly touted Music Biz articles and podcasts have helped many more bands/artists navigate the confusing and ever-changing world of the music industry.  He has worked in various Denver clubs, learning how they work from the inside. He has sat on many a bar stool listening to musicians and other music industry professionals tell their tales of woe about each other and the industry as a whole.  He’s watched good bands grow and succeed, even get signed, and other bands struggle and die under the same pressures.  He has watched bands do some of the most ridiculous things imaginable on stage and off. He has seen them make mistakes that no experienced player should ever make.  He has forgotten more crazy stories about bands than most people will ever hear.

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